The Stampcrete system meets the needs of the residential, commercial, architectural and municipal markets. Stampcrete of Maryland is a residential installer providing full installation services and assistance, as well as a distributor of stamps, concrete, and all stamping materials. We invite you to only settle for the best and to see what Stampcrete of Maryland can offer you.
Stampcrete System is cast-in-place concrete, integrally colored and stamped with U.S. patented platform/texturing tools to produce a surface similar to natural stone, brick, slate and other natural paving materials. Base color is achieved through integral color pigments in the concrete mix or surface treated with color hardeners. A powdered color release agent is used in the stamping process and insures maximum surface detail while providing a second color for surface highlights and distinctive grout line look. Stampcrete’s special acrylic base sealer added in the curing process provides full color depth and richness with maximum concrete protection.
Please go to our stamps page to view all the styles of stamps we have to offer. If you would like to rent or purchase stamps contact us and we will be glad to help you. We also offer Color Seal, Color Hardeners, Fiber, Integral Colors, Highlighting Colors, Release Agents, Ultra Sheen Sealers, Patina Stains(Etching Stains), ADA Truncated Dome Tools & Accessories, Mirage Stamp Overlay Systems and the Mirage/Re-Do-It Concrete Resurfacing System and Accessories. Contact us for a brochure of all the colors and products we carry.
Stampcrete examples